Sarid Orly Blum 15 AUG 2018
We had a fantastic holiday thanks to Lanna. Lanna organized a great trip for all of us right from the beginning through the end she took care of everything in a perfect way. Both kids and adults had a fantastic time we will definitely use her guide next time we come to Thailand. Highly recommend her!!!
Samuel Eyal 13 AUG 2018
We highly recommend Lanna. we came 2 families for 5 days in Chiang May and we had many different needs. Lanna orginized the best holiday for all of us-the kids and us had the best time thanks to Lanna. she has a lovely personality and is very clever and understood excactly what we want to have in our holiday. she even helped a lot with our 2 year old child. She is truely excellent!!!
Travel Greats 29 MAR 2017
Lanna was a fabulous tour guide! She is so kind and knowledgable! She was extremely flexible with plans - wanting to make sure we had a fantastic day - She asked about our interests to include in our day as well as offering great suggestions of sights and activities for our private, custom tour understanding we had a limited time in Chiang Mai. We went to see the Elephants at Elephant Care Center, the Tribal Village and Doi Suthep. Lanna was so accommodating, she made some extra stops along the way as we were driving to do a quick visit at places we were talking about during our drive to our scheduled destinations. My favorite part was visiting the Elephants at our own leisure. We didn't have enough time to devote a half day (which is the shortest we found online) and we only wanted to interact briefly with them so we could do several more sights- Lanna, found the perfect place that was close to our hotel and they treated the animals so fairly. She also coordinated our airport transfers and went out of her way to personally meet us at the airport even thought we only expected a driver. She wanted to make sure we found our way - communicating, money exchange, etc upon arrival. She also checked in with us after the tour - to see if we had any questions once we were on our own. We highly recommend hiring Lanna! She is wonderful!!!!
Steve D. 09 DEC 2018
Lanna was a great tour guide. I felt like I saw parts of Chiang Mai that most people don't get to see because of her. She was helpful and accommodating. Shes passionate about her culture. A+ tour guide.
Laurie R. 13 NOV 2018
Fantastic private guide for our two days in Chiang Mai! Lanna struck a nice balance between customizing our activities to fit our goals and providing realistic guidance about what was do-able in our time together. She was very adaptable even when we threw her a curve with some last-minute requests, happily squeezing in a short meeting the evening we arrived so we could nail down last-minute details. She is passionate about her culture and an expert in the area. We enjoyed our time with her!
Juhi M. 10 NOV 2018
We went with Lanna in Nov 2018. HIGHLY REC! She is knowledgable, speaks English very well, and has a great personality. We asked Lanna to include a morning alms offering to monks just 2 days before and she is easy and fast to communicate with through WhatsApp and accommodated us! She took us a really tasty lunch place with authentic Khao soi after asking us what kind of foods we wanted to try. You see so many places with her including many specialty markets we liked wood,silk,jade and 4 temple
Jennifer U. 07 JUL 2018
Lanna was an exceptional tour guide. She was knowledgeable,well spoken (in English) and very accommodating. We had special needs and she was able to fully show us Chang Mai even with our limitations. In addition, she was very sweet and just a delight! Lanna will always be our guide in Chiang Mai.
Carey F. 26 FEB 2018
Lanna is a fabulous tour guide. She provided us with so much information with such passion that it made for a perfect day. She really listened to our areas of interest and adjusted our plans to cover everything we wanted to do. She is very knowledgeable on the sites and the Thai culture in general. We’re already planning our next trip with her.
Joanne B. 15 NOV 2017
Lanna was amazing! So knowledgeable and a great host! Would recommend her 100%. And a shout out to our driver Peter- thanks for getting us everywhere safely and in air conditioning! :)
Philip A. 21 MAR 2017
Our experience with Lanna was fantastic but a bit unusual. One of our group fell in the hotel and broke 4 ribs. So the first day we were scheduled to tour with her she was presented with this problem. Lanna helped get our injured party to the hospital, assisted during the admission process, and made sure all insurance arrangements were made. She then proceeded to guide the rest of us through a necessarily scaled down itinerary. Wanna is the essence of the gentle helpful nature of Thai culture.
Lisa K. 18 MAR 2017
Lanna was a fabulous tour guide! She is so kind and knowledgable! She was extremely flexible with plans - wanting to make sure we had a fantastic day - She asked about our interests to include in our day as well as offering great suggestions of sights and activities for our private custom tour understanding we had a limited time in Chiang Mai. We highly recommend hiring Lanna! She is wonderful!!!!
Diane S. 03 FEB 2017
Lanna was a fabulous guide! She was very accommodating and flexible, her English is excellent and she responded quickly to our inquiries.We planned a 1/2 day hill tribes tour. That morning,we were trying to see the parade that was part of the Flower Festival. Before our tour we drove to see part of the parade. After the tour we visited the rest of the Festival. Her willingness to be flexible and adjust the schedule to meet our interests made for one of the best days of our time in Chiang Mai
Jeanine A. 03 JAN 2017
If you're visiting Chiang Mai...Lanna is THE person you want to book! Trust me! For starters she's very professional, always keeps in touch by responding promptly to any call or email. Further, she very informative as it relates to tours or local events. Her English is EXCELLENT! Lanna made several arrangements & reservations on our behalf, all of which were executed seamlessly. Her recommendations were always on point! She's also very personable, so I felt that I was spending time with a friend
Thiago M. 29 MAR 2016
What an experience with Lanna! Our half day city tour was so impressive that we booked a full day tour after that. Impressive kindness, lovely experience. Lot of knowledge about Thai culture.Simply the best Guide I have ever met! Must book!!!
Ester M. 13 MAR 2016
Lanna is a very knowledgable guide. She brought us to all the places we wanted to visit plus we learnt many new things we did not know about the Thai Culture. The driver was also excellent. I would highly recommend Lanna if you are looking for the perfect guide
Rajen B. 05 JAN 2016
We really enjoyed the professional service of Lanna for the Chiangmai city tour. She was on time and was very accomodating to our wishes. We will defenitely book her again.
Peter M. 19 OCT 2015
I would highly recommend Lanna as tour guide. She is very knowledgable and we had a great and fun time. She is focused on the costumers needs and interests. She really goes the extra mile. Book Lanna, you won't regret it.
Frederic M. 24 SEP 2015
is not enough for this lady, she went out of her way to see what we did fit our liking. She spoke perfect English and was very knowledgeable on Thai culture and customs. We like off the beaten path tours. She arranged for us to stay with a Hill Tribe family in there home overnight and eat dinner with them in there home she also stayed with us. What an experience. Money could never buy the welcome feeling we had. We spent 3 days with her, when we parted it was like leaving family behind.
John P. 31 JAN 2015
Lanna was AMAZING! She was always on time and wanted to make sure Leslie and I had a wonderful experience in Thailand. She is extremely knowledgeable about the history of the country and was willing to do whatever we wanted to do! She is extremely flexible. She made sure we were treated like royalty and truly made us feel extremely comfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend Lanna as your tour guide!! 10 out of 10!!!
Leslee A. 20 JAN 2015
Excellent highly recommend. Lanna is personable and very knowledgeable about the history of Thailand and Chiangmai. Very attentive to what I want to do and makes sure I'm comfortable. Her English is excellent. I will book her again if I come back to Chiangmai.
Bankim K. 15 DEC 2014
Lanna was our tour guide for a group of 8 people in December of 2014. She came with a bus to Chiang Rai. After touring Chaing Rai and Golden Triangle we came to Chiang Mai for 2 days. Lanna was amazing, very knowledgeable, energetic and friendly. I highly recommend her for any future tours of Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai without any hesitation. Don't even think. Just hire her.Go Lanna. 5 Star+++
Andrew R. 21 OCT 2014
Lanna was a fantastic tour guide. My wife and I had her her take us around the old city for a day during our stay. She posses a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge and will definitely keep you entertained for a tour. She was also able to help explore some great street food. Lastly, she was able to introduce us to another guide for our next stop in Bangkok. In summary, I would highly recommend her.
Damian D. 06 AUG 2014
Lanna was really helpful in planning the airport transfers and sightseeing for our group of 40 guests. The clients loved it and so did we enjoy working with her and her partner Tanida (Lek).They are professional and honest in their working. Would love to work with them again for Chiang Mai business.
Gabriela R. 27 APR 2014
We had a fantastic experience with Lanna as our tour guide! She is extremely flexible and will work with you to make sure your trip is exactly what you want. She acted as our guide for a 6 day trip around Chiang Mai and Sukhothai Thailand. We visited an Elephant camp, an orchid farm, the ancient ruins of Sukhothai, she arranged a cooking class for us, and took us on a city tour of Chiang Mai. I highly recommend Lanna as a tour guide. She is professional, attentive, and very informative.
John F. 10 APR 2014
As I only had a very short time in Chiang Mai I thought that I would be limited as to what I could see. I could not have been more wrong. Lanna was fantastic. Her friendliness, coupled with her excellent knowledge made my trip very special. She is a wonderful lady who went out of her way to make sure that my trip was one to remember. I hope that one day I return to Thailand, and If I do, I know who I want to be my Guide !! Thank you my friend Lanna. John F.
Paddy A. H. 07 MAR 2014
Great Amazing Wonderful. Lanna is so knowledgeable and plans the trip YOU want. She is great and I would easily go with her again.
Renata K. 04 FEB 2014
Lanna is a very nice person, extremely flexible, and accomodating. We really enjoyed her company. She is very polite and understanding.She has extensive knowledge about Thai history and culture, she's alway happy to explain the historical backround of each places, and she does it with enthusiasm.The only minor difficulty we had was understanding her occasionally. Thank you Lanna, for those nice days!
Emile F. 22 JAN 2014
We were very happy with Lanna, and strongly recommend this very pleasant, patient and outgoing person. She took our initial wish list expanded it into a full two days that matched our interests, allowing us to spend as much time as we needed at each place. She has an excellent knowledge of the monarchy, of Thai history, and at the temples her knowledge of the Buddist faith, it’s rites and its symbols were invaluable. Lanna, thank you again.Emile and France
John E. 12 NOV 2013
Excellent day out with a knowledgeable guide who was helpful all day.I enjoyed her company and that of the driver very much.
Philip P. 29 OCT 2013
I must be very lucky because I chose a fantastic lady guide who really went out of her way to ensure that my time with her was comfortable, interesting and fun. I was introduced to Thai Culture, food, Temples, local people and the biggest and best smile from my new friend. Everything was explained clearly in very good English. The days itinerary was planned really well and our days always stretched well past the allocated time. Thank you very very much to a wonderful and interesting friend.
Cathy M. 25 OCT 2013
My friend and I spent 2 days in Chiang Mai. Lanna is an excellent guide and I recommend her highly. We had so much fun. She is prompt, has a great sense of humor, came up with suggestions given our schedule. Among other things, we did the elephant camp, tiger encounter, zipline and many temples. Thanks, Lanna for a GREAT time. We LOVED it !